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VRG-1 Features:

  • Looping video input accepts NTSC or PAL video, color black, or sync
  • Outputs for word clock, silent AES, and silent AES3id
  • Internal crystal oscillator provides stable 48kHz reference in the absence of an input signal
  • Dipswitch selection of mute outputs or revert to internal reference upon loss of input signal
  • Alarm output to warn of loss of input signal


Product Description

In video applications, digital audio sample clocks must be locked to a video reference. The VRG-1 provides a means to do so, easily and cost effectively. This module produces word clock and silent AES outputs that are locked to an NTSC or PAL reference input. Use the VRG-1 in conjunction with the SoundPals ADC-24 or DTG-1 modules, or with any other digital audio equipment that requires an AES or word clock reference signal that is locked to video. Like all of the SoundPals line, the VRG-1 is housed in a compact, rugged aluminum enclosure. The Power supply is not included.

Video input: Hi-z looping. Minimum 0.25V p-p sync component, maximum 2V p-p sync or video
Word clock output: 4.5 to 5V p-p
Frequency lock range: +/- 200 ppm
AES3 output: 4V p-p, 110Ω balanced
AES3id output: 1V p-p, 75Ω unbalanced
Sample Rate 48kHz
Alarm output: +5V @ 25mA
Power: 150mA @ 6Vdc

Additional Resources

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