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HD212A or HD212C

HD-212A & C Features:

  • Automatically adapts to SMPTE and ITU standards for HD/SDI and DVB/ASI data streams
  • Data rates from 143Mbps to 1.4835Gbps
  • Input cable equalization up to 300ft (100M) of 1694A or equivalent cable
  • Automatic detection of HD or SDI inputs
  • Internal re-clocking
  • All boards front loading and hot swappable
  • Relay bypass protection of the ‘A’ input to main online output
  • User selectable return to ‘A’
  • Three online outputs and one offline output
  • User selectable manual/auto operation
  • Front panel status indication and manual A/B selector
  • 9 pin ‘D’ connector for remote monitoring of status and control
  • Optional Ethernet port for remote monitoring and control
  • Optional redundant power supply available

Product Description

Simlatus continues to offer critical signal loss detection with the very popular HD-212, a 2×2 HD/SDI protection/changeover switch.

The HD-212 detects signal presence on both its ‘A’ and ‘B’ inputs, and transfers to the offline input upon failure of the primary feed. The unit is ideal for use in network, transmitter inputs, or satellite and cable head end operations. It is fully compliant with all SMPTE and ITU serial digital video signals up to and including 1.4835Gbps.

Using the latest technology and HD engineering techniques, this new protection/changeover switch boasts some of the best performance specifications in the industry today. Designed for maximum flexibility, the HD-212 fits any size installation; easy field upgrades allow economical responses to changing requirements. The HD-212 is convenient to operate and monitor from local or remote locations. Optional redundant power supplies, front-loading, hot-swappable boards, and user-selectable operation parameters enhance critical path reliability.

A standard feature of the unit is relay bypass protection of the ‘A’ input to the main online output. Bypass occurs in case of power failure or processor board removal. The return-to-‘A’ function provides for automatic return to the primary input signal upon its restoration.

The 1RU rack enclosure can house up to two processor boards and two power supplies; one power supply being the optional redundant unit. The optional Ethernet core processor is easily loaded onto the main processor board. The basic frame offers connections for remote monitoring and control via a 9 pin ‘D’ connector.

The HD-212 is available in two versions:

  • HD-212A is comprised of one 1RU enclosure with one processor board, two relay bypass boards, and one power supply. It is field expandable.
  • HD-212C is comprised of one 1RU enclosure with two processor boards, two relay bypass boards, and one power supply.

Field Upgrades

A second processor board can be added to the HD-212A at any time. Similarly, the Ethernet core processor and redundant power supply options can be added later. All of these items are field plug-in.

Additional Resources

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