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DTG-1 Features include:

  • Switch selectable output signals include discrete sine waves, sweep, white noise, pink noise and more
  • Level of test signals is adjustable from 0 to -60dBFS
  • Front panel dipswitch for setting channel status bits and operating mode
  • Both XLR (AES3) and BNC (AES3id) output connectors
  • External reference input for word clock or AES3id signal
  • AES3id reference input may be passed through to the AES output with channel status modification


Product Description

The DTG-1 is an economical source of a variety of audio test signals that are generated entirely in the digital domain and output in the AES/EBU format. Use it in the studio as a reference tone generator or on the bench as a troubleshooting tool. Rugged, compact, and capable of running off battery power, the DTG-1 is also ideal for portable applications. The DTG-1 has internal oscillators for both 44.1 and 48kHz sample rates, or it may be locked to an external reference. The DTG-1 has all the adjustments needed to make isolation of digital transmission problems simple and easy to find. Like all of the modules in the SoundPals™ line, the DTG-1 is housed in a compact, rugged aluminum enclosure. The Power supply is not included.

Output impedance: 110ohms balanced (XLR output),
75Ω unbalanced (BNC output)
Audio waveform amplitude: Switch selectable to 8 preset values from0 to -60dBFS and LSB only
Output level (XLR output): 4.5Vp-p, adjustable in 3dB steps down to 400mV (-21dB)
Output waveform dither: Switch selectable 1 LSB TPDF output dither
Output level (BNC output): 1Vp-p, adjustable in 3dB steps down to 90mV (-21dB)
Internal reference: Switch selectable to 44.1 or 48kHz
Audio resolution: Switch selectable to 16, 20 or 24 bits
External reference input: AES3id or word clock, FS=30 to 50kHz
Power: 150mA @ 6Vdc

Additional Resources

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