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DATS-10 and DATS-21

DATS Features:

  • DATS-10 AES3 to AES3id converter
  • DATS-21 AES3id to AES3 converter
  • The DATS-21 converter can also be used to connect CD players and other consumer devices with S/PDIF digital outputs to balanced AES3 equipment and systems.
  • DATS converters can be used in pairs (source and destination) to interconnect digital audio equipment with AES3 balanced I/O. They can also be used to integrate professional audio equipment with AES3id unbalanced I/O into balanced AES3 systems.
  • Because BNC connectors require less panel space than XLRs, routing switchers and other I/O intensive equipment are often equipped with AES3id I/O. DATS converters facilitate the integration of balanced AES3 equipment into these systems.


Product Description

For error-free AES transmission over coaxial cable, upgrade your digital audio system with the Simlatus and Associates DATS converters. AES formatted digital audio signals may be carried over 110Ω balanced cable or 75Ω unbalanced coaxial cable. The balanced interface is called AES3, and the unbalanced interface is called AES3id. These converters perform the necessary impedance, level, and balanced/unbalanced conversions to permit equipment with both types of interfaces to be interconnected.

The 2 converters available are:

  • DATS-10 AES3 to AES3id converter
  • DATS-21 AES3id to AES3 converter

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