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DA-14/A and 14/B

DA-14 Features include:

  • Compatible with any sample rate from 30 to 50 kHz
  • Built-in regenerator
  • Passes all data, including channel status and user bits
  • LED indicator for data error conditions
  • Input sensitivity of 200 mV for compatibility with S/PDIF signals
  • Available with either XLR (AES3) or BNC (AES3id) outputs


Product Description

The SoundPals™ DA-14 is a four-output distribution amplifier designed specifically for AES/EBU digital audio signals. The unit accepts either XLR (AES3) or BNC (AES3id) inputs up to full 24-bit resolution. Models are available with either XLR or BNC output connectors. Use the DA-14 in any application where a single digital audio source must be distributed to multiple destinations. In the studio or in the field, the DA-14 is an affordable solution to your digital audio distribution needs. The Power supply is not included.

DA-14 Models

I/O Balanced AES3 Unbalanced AES3id
Product # DA-14/A DA-14/B
Connectors Phoenix BNC


Input impedance: 110Ω balanced (XLR input)
75Ω unbalanced (BNC)
Output Level: 3V (DA-14/A), 1V (DA-14/B)
Input level: 200mV to 7V
Jitter attenuation: >5dB @ 100kHz, > 70dB @ 6MHz
Power: 200 mA @ 6Vdc

Additional Resources

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