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The Simlatus 8×4 X-Y control panels can either be used as local or remote control panels. When used as a remote control panel the optional cradle assembly, model CR100, with built in 115V/230V input power supply and Ethernet interface should be ordered.

The simple to install coax based 10Base2 Ethernet network can support up to 32 panels and a total cable length of 300 feet. For longer distances and/or more panels, standard Ethernet LAN 'Hub' units can be used to expand the panel network to 256 panels.

Operation as an X-Y panel is very straightforward. First the desired destination (output) is selected. Once the output is selected the source (input) buttons will tally and they are used to select the desired input to that destination. Outputs that have been 'locked' are indicated by the output lamp flashing when a locked output is selected.

The CP804A and CP804B panels, as illustrated, use a common set of switches for both audio and video (AFV). This type of panel is preferred when AFV is the normal mode of operation. The CP804A and CP804B are 1RU panels. They can be used as remote control panels for the router when combined with the optional CR100 cradle assembly.
The CP161 panels can be used either with the 16×1 routers or as single bus control panels on any INNOVATION Series 16-input router. When used as a remote panel, a DIP switch in the remote panel cradle selects the output that is to be controlled by each single bus panel.