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The Simlatus 32×1 control panels can either be used as remote control panels for any INNOVATION series 32-input routing switcher.

When used as a remote control panel the CP321A requires the optional CR100 1RU cradle assembly. This cradle assembly includes a built in 115V/230V power supply and 10Base2 Ethernet controller.

The simple to install coax based 10Base2 Ethernet network can support up to 32 panels and a total cable length of 300 feet. For longer distances and or more panels, standard Ethernet LAN 'Hub' units can be used to expand the panel network to 256 panels.

The CP321A panels can be used with any INNOVATION Series 32 input router. When used as a remote panel a DIP switch in the remote panel cradle selects the output which is controlled by that single bus panel.