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ASDM-8 Features:

  • Active looping input
  • 8 line-level analog outputs
  • 2 channel headphone output with independent volume control
  • AES/EBU group and channel selectors
  • Compact size: 5.2”W x 1.62”H x 6.625”D (15.2×4.1×16.8 cm) less connectors


Product Description

The SoundPals™ ASDM-8 HD Audio de-embedder offers the user an economic yet versatile means of ingesting the various digital video standards and de-embedding up to eight channels of analog audio at line level.

The unit auto-senses the video format (HD or SD SDI) that is applied to the looping input.

All eight line-level outputs are available on Phoenix connectors at the rear of the unit. Provision is made for two-channel headphone monitoring along with embedded group and channel selection. Like all of the SoundPals™ line, the ASDM-8 is housed in a compact, rugged aluminum enclosure. The Power supply is not included.

Video Input

Video with embedded audio SMPTE 259M / SMPTE 292M
Impedance: 75Ω
Amplitude: 800mV ± 10%
Equalization: >300M Belden 1694A @ 270 Mbps
>100M Belden 1694A @ 1.485 Gbps
Input Return Loss: <15 dB
Data rate: 270 MBPS, 1.485 Gbps or 1.485/1.001 Gbps
Video Formats: 1125/60, 1080i, 1080p (except 1080p 50/60), 720p, 525/59.94, 625/50
Standards: SMPTE 260M, 274M, 295M, 296M, 259M, 125M
Audio Digital
Sample rate: 48 KHz Synchronous to Video
Resolution: 24 bits before D to A conversion
Embedded Format: SMPTE 299M/SMPTE 272M
Audio Analog out
Impedance, balanced: 30Ω
Impedance, unbalanced: 15Ω
Level, balanced: +4 dBu at −20 dBFS
Adj ± 4dB
Level, unbalanced: −2 dBu at −20 dBFS
Max output: +24 dBu, bridging load
+22 dBm, 600Ω load
THD+N: −86 dB at max output
Dynamic range: >96 dB
Frequency response: +0, −0.2 dB 20Hz to 20KHz

Headphone Out

Min Load: 20Ω
Dynamic range: >91 dB

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