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ARTS-201B Features:

  • Video presence detector on both A and B inputs
  • Buffered looping video inputs
  • Balanced audio inputs and outputs
  • Automatic or manual switchover operation
  • Dual power supplies available

Product Description

The ARTS-201B, housed in a 1RU frame, provides automatic signal loss detection of video on both the A and B inputs, guaranteeing fail-safe switching of video, audio and GPI from one input to the other. The ARTS-201B system consists of a single 2×1 analog video channel, four 2×1 analog audio channels and 5 lines for GPI. It also provides the user with automatic return to A input, selection of automatic or manual operation on power-up and relay by-pass of the A video and primary audio signal input to output in case of power failure. Space is provided for dual power supplies to ensure redundant operation.

The video inputs and outputs are provided by standard BNC connectors. The audio inputs and outputs are provided by Weco connectors, simplifying interconnection of audio signals.

Video presence LED’s are mounted on the front panel. The video presence detector checks for vertical sync, and will immediately switch video, audio channels and GPI lines from the On-Line input to the Off-Line input. LED’s are also provided to indicate whether input A or B is On-Line, and whether the unit is in automatic operation or manual operation mode. The changeover can also be accomplished either by a manual push-button on the front panel, or by an external momentary-ground connector. The external connector can also report power supply health and A-B On-Line indications to an external device.

Additional Resources

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