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AMF-100 Features:

  • 12 modules maximum
  • Redundant power supply available
  • Pin-compatible with Leitch* FR-883/884 mounting frames
  • DC power connector for external redundancy


Product Description

The Simlatus AMF-100 audio DA mounting frame, which is a 2RU frame with removable front door, is the ultimate in design, housing any mix of Simlatus analog distribution amplifiers. Module connector placement in the AMF-100 frame also provides pin-compatibility for the entire series of Leitch* 880 analog audio amplifiers and generators.

Input and output signal connections are provided with removable clamp-type barrier connectors. The frame comes complete with one Simlatus PS-102 power supply and is pre-wired for an optional second PS-102 supply.

The high-efficiency PS-102 power supply is a plug-in module that accepts input line voltages from 95-260VAC without switch or jumper selection. The DC output is plus and minus 21 volts. A 3-pin connector is provided on the rear of the frame. It is connected to the DC output of the power supply, and can be wired to another frame to provide power redundancy without the need to purchase a redundant supply for the second frame.

Additional Resources

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