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ADA-101 Features:

  • 8 balanced outputs (mono) or 4 balanced outputs per channel (stereo)
  • Excellent specifications, insuring transparent operation
  • Pin-compatible with Leitch* FR-883/884 mounting frames
  • Surface-mount technology


Product Description

The Simlatus ADA-101 is the newest generation of inexpensive analog audio distribution amplifier, combining outstanding output density and unmatched low cost per output, along with extremely reliable surface-mount components.

It fulfills the requirements for a high performance audio amplifier for the broadcast and recording industry. The unit is changed with one internal jumper from an 8-output mono amplifier to a dual 4-output per channel stereo amplifier. The exceptional performance features include excellent response, noise and distortion specifications.

Up to 12 of the ADA-101 amplifiers can be mounted in the Simlatus AMF-100 2RU frame, and they are also pin-compatible with the Leitch* FR-883/884 Series of audio mounting frames.

Additional Resources

ADA-101 Datasheet
ADA-101 User Manual