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Can this Emerging Company become a Leader in the $150 Billion ‘Augmented and Virtual Reality Device Industry’?

See how Savvy Investors Can Prosper off this Little Known Opportunity
(Stock Symbol: SIML)

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image003Simlatus Corporation is an emerging company focused on becoming a leader in the $150 BillionAugmented and Virtual Reality Device Industry’.

Simlatus is positioned with current sales of their commercial broadcasting support systems, and is now structuring the R&D virtual/augmented reality products to develop a strategic technology roadmap which will enable the company to expand into high-growth digital television and over-the-top (OTT) markets. These products are being developed for Simlatus’ existing consumers and newer markets.

Simlatus’ new products will include SyncPal, ‘SocialCast AR,’ Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality Content Server products for major markets. The target technologies include Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Audio/Video Codecs, Audio Content Recognition, and OTT API Integration into Key Platforms.

image004Simlatus manufactures Broadcast Equipment that has been sold over the past 18 years through its 55 distributors to companies such as CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, ABC and DirecTV. In the past several months the company has sold products to FOX News, and DirecTV, as well as to one of the largest nuclear plants in the country using their products for their surveillance systems.

Simlatus is a small revenue generating company, which develops, manufactures, markets and owns proprietary commercial advanced broadcast equipment and software and sells this audio and video broadcast equipment worldwide, for the past 15 years.

Simlatus is developing exciting new Augmented Reality (A/R) and Virtual Reality (V/R) products such as on Google and Apple platforms.

Virtual and Augmented Reality Will Reshape Your World

The Augmented and Virtual Reality industry is extremely lucrative with a very high potential offering many platforms, applications that are still unexplored. In order to be ahead of the curve, the companies in this industry invest on deploying the R&D team that is dedicated on both business and technical innovations.

Initial market research and strategy will be directed to AV Integrators and 2 Step Distributors

  • By 2020, an estimated 50 Billion objects will be connected to the internet
  • The Census Bureau predicts there will be 7.6 Billion people alive
  • That means for every person, 6.6 objects will be connected to the internet
  • We are in a world that’s constantly changing all around us
  • It is impossible to prognosticate just how large the nascent AR/VR market could become because of the countless potential applications.
  • VR and AR are emerging technologies – but investment in the sector is hot, with AR and VR startups raising $658 million in equity financing last year.

Hot Off The Press: SIML will launch SyncPal™ in 2017 with a potential target of $30M in sales, while commencing design of new products in the dynamic Augmented/Virtual Reality (AVR) markets

What is SyncPal?

  • SIML has designed and is ready to manufacture SyncPal while prepping for 2017 delivery.
  • SIML’s product is a result of a phenomenon that can occur in television broadcasting called “out of lip-sync.” This happens when the sound of the announcer’s voice reaches your ears before the movement of his lips reaches your eyes. This can be corrected by adjusting the delay of the sound until the voice and lip movement are “in sync.”
  • In High-Definition broadcasting, a majority of times the audio signal is embedded (or buried) into the video signal for transmission between the originating source and the TV station. Multiple signal processing of the video portion of the combined signals can cause this video delay.
  • SIML’s SyncPal has been specifically designed to allow the broadcaster to make this video-to-audio adjustment.

“The Board has continued to develop the Group’s strategy with its focus on our core Broadcast and Augmented/Virtual Reality markets particularly given the context of the fast pace of change in technology and market needs. In April 2016 we announced an addition to our existing 55 products, the intent to add the new SyncPal™ to our major shareholders showcasing our key brands and growth strategy through: allocating resources to the fast growing broadcast markets and a focus on sharing opportunities; increasing resources, brand presence and sales with support from the National Association of Broadcasting (NAB); and continuing to make strategic changes which make financial sense.”

~Chairman Robert Stillwaugh

Here is the best part – SIML can sell SyncPal directly to their own Customers

SIML estimates there are over 10,000 TV Broadcast Stations in the USA alone, according to the FCC’s 2013 census.

SIML’s SyncPal is priced to move at a cost of $3,299.

SIML has more than 50 proprietary products that they own and manufacture, which are sold through a distribution network, and accessible from their website

SIML is targeting 30% of their major customers who already own some of their products, such as CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, ESPN and DirecTV.

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The Keys To Sustainable Growth

SIML has designed and is ready to manufacture SyncPal while prepping for 2017 delivery.

SIML recently received a Significant Purchase Order from a Private Label

SIML extinguished $2M in convertible debt while increasing the assets of $6.25 Million in intellectual property, inventory and tooling.

SIML reported new sales for Fox News Quartermaster Corps.

SIML celebrated 18 years in the Broadcast Market

SIML provided a Corporate Update on new Product – the SimLature ‘Ap-Purchase’ software platform for augmented/virtual reality accessories

SIML reduced Convertible Debt

SIML announced a Reality Product Lineup for 2017

SIML looks to be in a great position right now and numerous recent developments could lead to strong upside once again. Go to and get started on your research now.