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Simlatus Corporation is a revenue company that manufactures and markets commercial High-Definition (HD) and Analog audio/video systems for the global broadcast studio industry. These products have been sold to major networks over the past 15 years, and Simlatus continues to lead the commercial industry with high-end equipment.  Our newest products “SyncPal™,” available in early 2017, and Simlatus-IBS™, in development, will revolutionize studio management and audio/video control using smartphones or smart glasses.

Simlatus is also heavily invested in the $150 Billion Digital Media and Augmented/Virtual Reality device industry.  Our SocialCast AR and Augmented/Virtual Reality Content Server products will enable the company to expand into high-growth digital television and over-the-top (OTT) markets.  We are developing technologies in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Audio/Video Codecs, Audio Content Recognition, and OTT API Integration. Our Market Analysis and IP Portfolio will include new patents specifically developed for these products and owned by the Company.

At Simlatus, we’re proud of our reputation in the studio industry and the relationships we’ve developed with our global distribution of experienced audio/video experts. We thrive on providing innovative high-quality audio/video technology to our customers. Our systems have been used outside the studio as well, for applications such as underwater oil exploration and commercial and government surveillance applications.

You can learn more about Simlatus technologies in our news section.