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The Simlatus Story

Simlatus Corporation designs, manufactures and sells audio and video broadcast equipment worldwide. Our engineers build and thoroughly test these items in-house prior to shipping to our customers. We provide exceptional service and our products are built to the highest professional standards and rugged design.

The company has a current expanding revenue base in the broadcast industry with long-term national and international distribution. The current customers of our products include large broadcast giants such as CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, ESPN and DIRECTV, plus the many smaller broadcast customers which include religious facilities, international broadcast facilities and colleges, as well as various radio stations. The new product designed in augmented/virtual reality markets allow the company to capitalize in this $120B growing industry.

The Simlatus Difference


Enjoy our products knowing that they are built to the highest professional standards.


Designed to high standards and precision with the professional in mind.


Each unit has been designed for professional use and to withstand wear and tear.


Our clients are across the globe. Businesses trust us to provide nothing but the best.

Providing Our Clients the Best Experience.

We promise to provide superior service and quality products.
Committed to our clients, and the industries that we serve.